3 INSANE AB Workout routines You've By no design Heard Of! | BUILD BETTER 6-PACK ABS!


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3 INSANE AB Workout routines You"ll be in a position to need got By no design Heard Of! | BUILD BETTER 6-PACK ABS!

[Music] what"s going on nation are you guys tired of doing the same old ab workouts chasing that dream of getting well-defined abs well today I"m going to show you three insane ab exercises that you never knew existed what makes them so insane that they"re gonna rip in tear the entire rectus abdominus and obliques and guess what guys anybody can be skinny and diet down and see a thin layer of abs when you guys do exercises like this that rip and tear that muscle tissue for regrowth when you dye it down you"re gonna have abs that pop and really stick out so let"s get started the first exercise I like to call the Tower of hell what makes this exercise so unique is that traditional crunches just involve an up-and-down motion with this exercise you"re gonna have to stabilize your core throughout the entire range of motion and all you need for this is some dumbbells to build your Tower of hell with and then something to hang off of but I"m just using this you don"t need this machine just something you can hang off of with your hands and the way this is going to work is you"re gonna hang so that you"re not touching the ground you"re gonna start with your legs on one side like this keep your feet together and you"re gonna come up and over and you"re not gonna touch the ground but you didn"t get took as close as you can without touching and then go up and over again and as you guys get stronger and stronger your Tower of Hell is gonna get bigger and bigger and I"ll show you what this looks like it"s like the ultimate Tower of Hell right here so get into position same form keep your feet together up over down up over down and as you can see that requires a ton of core control so not only activating the rectus abdominus and we"re shredding the obliques as we go up and over the second exercise I like to call a ball crusher crunch what we"re gonna be doing essentially is an advanced toe driver on an incline bench but the difference here is we"re gonna take this medicine ball we"re gonna hold it between our legs we"re gonna crush it as high as we can with our knees what that"s gonna do is help activate more of your abs throughout the entire range of motion and it"s also going to be crucial to make sure you guys control the negative so we"re gonna get in place put the medicine ball between our legs like this and it makes you get a medicine ball that you can actually squeeze so squeeze it as high as you can with your knees guys hold on to the upper pad like this and then what you"re gonna do is come in till drive to the ceiling come back down turn to the static position and repeat four reps really control that negative feel those ABS activate throughout the entire range of motion and just make sure guys no matter how tired you get do not go like this cuz that"s cheating feed a pot squish the ball the last exercise I like to call the colossal crunch I"m saving it for last that"s probably the most hardcore exercise out of all the ones I"m showing you guys today but before I get down and show you how to do this if you haven"t already be sure to turn on video notification so you never miss a new video upload from me so all you need to get started with this exercise is something to hold your feet in place so I"m using these two dumbbells right here then you"re gonna need a plate I"m using a 45-pound plate so I want to take this ab crunch to the next level can"t handle a 45-pound plate yet then just use whatever you can use and as you get stronger you"ll be able to lift more weight so what you"re gonna do is get your place think I get in placed like this so you can basically gonna use these weights to hold your feet down grab your plate make sure you locked in hold it to your chest and then they"re gonna could perform the colossal crunch simply by doing a sit-up and then standing straight up so boom just like that and then you can have to control it on the way down too so all the way down roll it back and then back up and you guys gonna notice when you do this exercise the sticking point is right here being able to go from down to this position is gonna take a lot of effort on your part to really contract your rectus abdominus really squeeze your abs control your core to get from this position to here and on your feet you"re gonna feel as lower abs really engage in the same thing with the way down guys as you go down control squeeze your abs and as soon as you get to here don"t just follow like that because that defeats the whole purpose of doing the exercise to perform the colossal crunch and get all the benefits from it slowly descend and when you get to here really flex those abs lean forward and then control it on the way down and then on the way up and that"s how you perform the colossal crunch you guys are gonna absolutely love it so there you have it guys 3 hardcore abdominal exercises that you never heard of and I dare you guys to try these in your next abdominal workout you can either run all three as a circuit doing 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions per exercise wrestling little only 3060 seconds between sets or if you want to go super hardcore with just one of these movements just do 8 to 10 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions again 30 and 60-second rest period in between those sets hope you guys enjoyed the video your looking for a full 12 week program to build muscle and strength be sure to go down the info section below and check out my 12-week transformation challenge and as always more good stuff coming soon see you guys [Music] 


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