24 Strikes for the BodyRock Challenger

Are trying My 24 Strikes on the BodyRock Challenger Bars. Beefy Workouts, one share of equipment! 

Ranking Your Challengers: https://store.bodyrock.tv/collections/bodyrock-exercise-equipment/products/bodyrock-challenger-bars

Author:  BodyRock

Author Link:  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuY1W4AwhhgkB6rsJBtltUA

Youtube Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3gwBoYPULw


Channel Name:  BodyRock

Channel ID:  26

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8 thoughts on “24 Strikes for the BodyRock Challenger”

  1. Noble; I'm going to speak a dip stand accurate shortly… No must affix a gymnasium… Thanks, shes beastmode….

  2. FYI I got very identical bars at amazon for no longer up to $forty better than these which shall be $a hundred and twenty.  Any methodology within the occasion you should well perhaps perhaps presumably be quick cherish me moderately loads of these exercises will doubtless be extraordinarily  exhausting to carry out.

  3. Appears to be like cherish Lisa been trained by legendary Zuzana, I maintain in mind when that bodyrocktv.com originate , Zuzana was the beast , appropriate exercise grasp , I appreciated the methodology she was explaining every excercise for the inexperienced persons, with all her intense exercises she soundless looked female and freaking sexy ! I love all those that came after Zuzana, by the methodology , after face work performed … Lisa begging sign as Zuzana ! After Zuzana left, many followers collectively with myself stopped following, bodyrocktv , the rep change into to be immense and to industrial, many issues on the rep… damaged-down to be free and now’s all $$$ I leave out Queen of Bodyrocktv.com Zuzana!😊 https://youtu.be/5EZFQo4vc1o

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