20 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – Newbie Low Depth Cardio Workout Exercises

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hey everyone
coach Kozak here from hasfit and this 20 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners  Beginner Low Intensity Cardio Workout Exercises.  is my low-impact beginner cardio workout
this we"re going to get you moving get.  you sweating get you burning some
calories but at the same time we"re.  going to be mindful of any lower back
hip knee ankle any other issues you may.  have that make you require a lower
impact routine.  there is no equipment required for this
routine but you will see me holding a.  couple of light hand weights one two
three pounds would be okay if you want.  to increase intensity or even a couple
of water bottles would do the trick but.  honestly we"re going to get you moving
no matter what so even if you don"t have.  anything to hold on to it doesn"t matter
we are going to start with the warm up.  quick warm up we"re just going to march
in place that"s it right there.  opposite arm and leg both bent at a 90
degree angle as they come up.  good now if you can"t quite get your
legs up or knees up as high as I can.  totally ok got it start somewhere
everybody has to start somewhere.  breathe I want you moving at your own
pace today asking me the name of the.  game whatever that may be faster than
I"m going or slower and three two one.  all right we"re going to move on to a
combo move all right we"re going to do.  an upright row bringing our elbows up
keep in good posture we"re going to do.  an external rotation bringing them over
we"re going to press up and then we"re.  going to reverse it elbows down flip
them over arms down.  probably going to take you a couple
times to get the hang of this one I know.  it"s a little funny
turn them over hand back just try to.  mirror me if you"re having an issue good
another little technique that works is.  counting the set one two three four five
so you can repeat that good.  three-two-one
nice moving on to a posterior swing.  you"ll see people doing a similar
movement with the kettlebell but we"re.  just going to use our arms for right now
bring your hips back a little bend the.  knee
so I"m hinging and I"m bringing my hips.  toward and standing up straight
good hinging forward but back a little.  and that knee feel that the back to the
leg your arms out to parallel to the and.  three two one good okay
that"s the warm-up let"s move on to the.  workout.  okay I"m going to grab my light hand
this one we"re going to do a wall.  climber to start so you"re on opposite
leg and hand reaching I want you to.  pretend like you"re climbing a ladder
reaching up notice how my hand twists to.  my palm facing forward up at the top
bring that opposite knee up again if you.  can"t quite bring your knees as high as
I can totally okay just climb in that.  ladder good three again if you want to
go faster then I"m going hit it you want.  to go slower that"s okay too
what"s important is you do the best that.  you can nice and three two one
okay we"re going to get into a quarter.  squat position sitting back a little
weight on our hips we"re going to hold.  that position there elbows at a 90
degree angle we"re gonna do a squat.  runner so here"s the move right here
again you don"t have to be holding.  weights for this one to work keep those
elbows at a 90 degree angle if you can.  and Bri you keep good posture
sit back good.  move-move-move doing great so far
getting loosened up nice all right.  feeling it feeling good give me five
more seconds of this one and three two.  one nice whoo shoulders are feeling it
alright let"s move on to a combo we"re.  gonna do a punch and front kick front
kick combo so opposite arm and leg again.  if you can"t quite get your leg up as
high as I can that"s okay but on the.  kick we"re bringing the knee up and
that"s it and then extending at the knee.  good breathe get an opposite arm and leg
working together do what you can on this.  one good
just keep moving even if those kicks get.  a little bit lower that"s alright just
keep moving not to one who we"re going.  to move on to a seesaw rope so we"re
going to bend over at a 45-degree angle.  palms facing one another alternate road
keep those elbows in anytime we do a row.  we want to pull back on the elbow like
you have a string attached to that elbow.  good keeping good posture nice good good
keep breathing very important to breathe.  throughout the whole routine and 5 4 3 2
1 good if you"ve been using weights you.  can set them down the next one we"re
going to do a side to side shuffle so.  we"re going to have our weight and our
hips hot feet and we"re going to go side.  to side quick little fix with little
feet with little steps now you might not.  have as much room as I have that"s ok
this does the trick I just want you to.  go side to side if your weight in your
hips hot feet so like we"re not doing.  big shuffles doing big ones just quick
little eyes that"s it right there.  good keep them going keep them going
looking good.  keep it up give me five more seconds of
this one and three two one zero.  good who fit on the balls of the foot
and again a calf on that one it"s if you.  using weight you can pick up we"re going
to go back to that posterior swing that.  we did at the very beginning we have
your legs wide toes pointed out a little.  bend in the knees but if your weights
now you can go and hold them out in.  front you lock together or here
depending on what you"re using hips back.  hips for good very important on this one
keep your back straight and use those.  hips as a lever back and then for good
this one you shouldn"t be standing down.  and squatting down but its hips go back
and that"s what gets the arms up so the.  arms are just a long for good and five
four three two one zero you can set.  these down we don"t need them for the
next one we"re going to do a wall.  ballistic pushup
elaborate name really what it means.  we"re gonna do a push-up on the wall
jumping off the wall and back so further.  your feet are from the wall the hardest
is going to be the closer they are the.  easier and do a push-up jump and come
back so it"s not really jumping so to.  speak off the ground more like just
pressing yourself off the wall and then.  absorbing that energy and pressing back
again good this one takes a couple to.  get used to keep your core straight and
tight just like you would on a normal.  push-up and if you need to make it
harder you can move those feet back or.  if you need to make it easier make it
closer to the wall good.  Zorba that energy and push back nice job
come on keep it up and let"s give me.  five four three two one zero
whoo good see what we have next we"re.  going to move into a knee top so one leg
back staggered stance we"re going to.  reach up little bend their knees we"re
gonna pull that knee in act like you"re.  holding the big watermelon you"re gonna
break that watermelon over your knee so.  I reach up and across boom I break that
watermelon over my knee just like so.  twist into it we"re going to switch
halfway through bring that knee and if.  you want you could also use your weights
for this one so I might sitting over.  there but up to you totally good breathe
switch side so now just the opposite.  switch your feet and break that
watermelon over your knee I don"t know.  why why a watermelon don"t
I mean why couldn"t tell you good doing.  great come on let"s keep it up guys keep
it up three two one zero.  nice so this one next one is a lateral
Juke we"re going to start with one foot.  in the center and we"re going to
basically replace that foot with the.  shuffle so now I"m going to replace that
foot I can either go like this slow low.  is the low impact but if you feel
comfortable you can replace that foot a.  little jump and catch the weight in your
hips so we"re either here you don"t feel.  comfortable with the lateral move
or here totally up to you.  both get you going real good I"m going
to do the little hop you weight in your.  hips
good back and forth let"s go fifteen.  more seconds of this one nice side to
side ten you juking your opponent headed.  down the field let"s go nice and five
four three two one good I"m gonna pick.  up my weights for the next one again you
decide if it"s right for you we"re going.  to do skier swings
I"m gonna have my upper body on a 45.  degree angle bring my arms up and then
I"m going to pull them back pull them up.  pull them back an explosive manner keep
my core tight back straight weight back.  in my hips all the way forward all the
way back good it"s a good cardio move.  really focuses on the upper body upper
back traps good three keep it moving.  give me five more seconds four three two
one good I"m going to set these down for.  the next one we"re going to move on to a
squat and pull so we"re gonna have our.  weight back in our hips doing a squat
you can go down as far as you feel.  comfortable with the point if main goal
is eat your weight back in your hips as.  long as you"re here you"re safe once you
start going over here that"s where it.  gets dangerous but only then
your knees out sit back come to parallel.  if you can tips parallel to the ground
and then as we stand up we"re gonna pull.  squat back pull if you only feel
comfortable right here that"s okay but I.  want that first move to be your hips
back I don"t want I don"t want the first.  move to be your knees so hips back pull
hips back pull good as you"re standing.  up pulling back squeezing those back
muscles nice pull those knees apart.  keeping the pace up let"s go come on
guys are doing great and five four three.  two one nice moving into a side-to-side
punch I"m going to use my hand weights.  for this one with my weight back in my
hips hands are up my chin I"m going to.  punch side to side and at the same time
I"m going to step down with my hips and.  come up weight my hips and come up twist
your body let your waist your core use.  that core to get your power nice good
twist turn that end over as you punch.  bring it back to your chin or time you
got keep it and five four three two one.  nice that"s the end of the first round
take a short break at some water I want.  you to think about what brought you here
today.  think about those goals this is it right
here you got to be thinking about those.  goals as you"re working out that"s what
keeps you going that"s what gets you to.  put on that extra ten percent effort
that"s what makes you not pause this.  video or or stop this video before
you"re done let"s not quit when we start.  to hurt
let"s stop when it"s done all right.  let"s go here in five four three two one
all right I my dumbbells or hand weights.  for this one up to you if you"re going
to use them.  going to that wall climber right or
ladder climber opposite arm and leg.  bring that knee up reaching up high
climb in the ladder isn"t it ironic.  little metaphor here as well as we climb
the ladder towards our fitness goal.  getting there I know that"s cheesy but
hey it"s the truth we"re getting a.  little closer with every move right here
let"s go come on breathe.  pushing the pace for five more seconds
four three two one nice have our hand.  weights we"re going to get into that
squat runner so quarter squat weights.  back on our hips or just bending those
elbows at a 90 and then we"re running.  with her our arms are in our shoulders
right there good breathe this one"s all.  upper-body great one of those shoulders
and gets our right up at the same time.  come on burning those calories let"s go
focus on will motivate you what brought.  you here today why are you here let"s go
and five four three two one but I knock.  out our goals with this next one we"re
going front kick Plus punch opposite.  side let"s hit it right here come on
remember it"s not about being the best.  is about being the best version of you
getting a little better every day there.  it is come on pushing the pace guys you
got it and try to pick it up a little.  bit in the second round now that you"re
a little more familiar with the movement.  at the same time focus on working at the
right pace for you today you come back.  repeat this workout get better at it
every time and five four three two one.  we"re going to do a seesaw row next
remember bending over to 45 or.  alternating rowing back pulling back on
those elbows keeping that core tight.  come on you got it now you got it good
making sure to breathe you"re getting in.  the groove now.  good good it"s all mental remember it"s
all mental give up thousand times and.  your brain before your body ever
actually wipes out come on you got it.  you got it and three two one nice moving
on to that side to side shuffle so we.  can set these down if you"re using them
we got hot feet moving side to side.  weights back in our hips I"ll keep my
hands up on this one you can have them.  at your side whichever you feel more
comfortable with or hack if you want.  pick it up a notch you can either do a
chest pass while you do the shuffle up.  to you good give me 15 more seconds of
this one hot feet now hot feet you got.  it you got it you"re doing great doing
great stay in it stay in it mentally so.  it"s all thought stay focused here stay
with me you got it.  come on come on in three two one
I"m going to use my hand weights for our.  posterior swing we"re going through my
legs a little bend in my knees.  this one works your hamstrings your
glutes lower back very very important.  for your posture just your overall
health to feel good as I have a strong.  and healthy posterior chain good weight
back in your hips keep that back.  straight squeeze your gluts up at the
top nice.  come on stay with it you only have 10
more seconds to this don"t slow down.  come on
doing great give me five four three two.  one
nice weight down if you"re using and.  we"re going to the wall for those wall
ballistic push-ups we"re jumping off the.  wall.  big power keeping a core tight
remember the further back your feet are.  the harder it"s going to be and if
you"re starting to feel in your upper.  body no big deal go ahead and get those
feet closer to the wall and push off you.  still do that full range of motion push
up so you"re trying to ideally get your.  elbows about a 90 degree angle as you
come down before you start pressing back.  up but that might not be realistic for
you today so you do what you can come on.  just about getting a little better every
day you know you got it and give me five.  more seconds this one four three two one
zero.  nice what do we have next we have our
knee chops so remember we"re breaking.  that watermelon over our knee coming in
staggered stance twisting into that knee.  feeling that core work and if it"s just
right here and that"s what you got right.  now that"s totally cool I"m happy you"re
sticking with me but I want you to keep.  moving that"s our goal that"s our focus
give me what you got and T that tank out.  for me today don"t save it switch the
whole reason to save it give me.  everything you got come on good breathe
stay focused if you like core working on.  this one twist into it three two one
nice moving on to that lateral Jukes.  remember you"re either here modified
version what were you picking it up a.  little bit side to side you decide where
you"re at today whatever do don"t stop.  moving you got the theme doing great
keeping that heart rate up think about.  how good you"re gonna feel when this
thing is all said and done feel proud of.  yourself and rightfully so because no
matter how slow you"re moving you"re.  still lapping everybody that"s on the
couch you know that"s right come on come.  on let"s go hit it hit it hit it hit
give me five more seconds five more.  seconds and three two one nice I"m gonna
grab my hand weights for the next one.  skier swings.  right into it give me what you got when
I much left we do not have much left and.  it"ll be easy to hit the pause button
right now but don"t do it a pause button.  is evil
cocky freaky moving keep moving forward.  let"s go you guys are doing so great
stick with me stick with me for just.  this and two more exercises that"s it
you can do that you"ve come this far you.  are not going to quit on me right now
come on let"s go come on pushing it.  pushing it good job guys good job we
have five more seconds of this one.  that"s it
and four three two one weights are down.  we have the dreaded squats next I don"t
know.  you know these never get easier you just
get better at them weight goes back in.  your hips and you pull at the same time
as you"re standing up squat and pull.  squat and pull remember hips first
that"s the focus even if your depth is.  only right here it"s okay as long as
you"re bending at those hips first cross.  off those heels as you stand back up and
don"t let those knees come in nice and.  three two one we have one more for the
day you"re doing so great sick with me.  guys stick with me remember thousands of
you maybe millions of you"re doing this.  at home all burning right now we"re
going to go do a side-to-side punch this.  is it right here it"s a grand finale to
get a ask yourself you"re going to kind.  of skate through this are you going to
sprint to that finish line see that.  finish line go get it come on let"s go
let"s go side to side breathe feel that.  core working you got it you got it you
got it you got it.  15 seconds let"s go put it on what are
you saving it for what are you saving it.  for don"t save it put it all out there
put it all out there good and 5 4 3 2 1.  boom nice work everybody thank you so
much for working out with me today I.  hope you enjoyed this workout as much as
I did and if you did please give it a.  big ol thumbs up and please subscribe to
our YouTube channel.  it"s really what helps us keep this
great service free if you did enjoy the.  workout make sure you go to has fit comm
where we have hundreds of free workouts.  free meal plans and complete plans for
your fitness again thank you so much I"m.  coach Kozak from has fit and I will see
you at your next workout.  


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  1. I gave it my all while doing this deliver. Felt like passing out but, took a bathe, glass of milk and factual now i'm feeling soooooo gooood i needed to attain assist assist and hasten away a comment. Thanks for the deliver !

  2. I had hip substitute surgical method nearly 4 weeks ago and wish cardio so right here is factual as long as I’m careful and not bend over 90 degrees.

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