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This 20 minute total physique exercise ball workout is correct what you would possibly maybe perchance delight in to combine up your routine. The exercise ball exercises and swiss ball exercises might maybe perchance perchance also even be completed with correct a successfully being ball and a pair of dumbbells. Search the advice of with http://hasfit.com/exercises/home/energy-weight-coaching/exercise-ball-workout/ for the soundness ball exercises instructions, extra movies, free meal plans, and diversified successfully being pointers. http://hasfit.com for the best free swiss ball workout and steadiness ball exercise routines for ladies and men at home or in gymnasium. We supply workout ball exercises for varying successfully being stages on myth of every heart and soul deserves to be fit. 

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[Music] hello out there I"m coach Kozak compasseth welcome to my whole body exercise follow workout routine this workout routine is great for both males and females of an intermediate to an advanced fitness level besides for the exercise ball the only other foot that you"re going to need is a pair of dumbbells most males we use between 10 to 20 pounds where most females will use between 3 to 10 pounds I"m going to do this total body workout with you if you"re ready to go let"s get started [Music] okay first of all we"re going to start with some legs remember grab your swiss ball or exercise ball we"re gonna put it up against the wall do an overhead wall squat put your arms straight up in the air but back first feet shoulder-width apart and we"re going to bring your hips and so they"re parallel with the ground we"re gonna do 15 wall squats that"s three four five we"re going way back your butt every time six arms straight up seven eight nine don"t rely on the ball the do all the work make sure your legs are doing the work if you"re going straight down eleven twelve thirteen two more fourteen last one fifteen okay good next we"re gonna meet one dumbbell for the next one we"re gonna bend over that"ll bend your knees one for our flat on the ball keep your back straight we"re gonna do single arm dumbbell rows and I need access to three four five six get back straight seven eight nine ten good switch it up get form flatten the balls same thing opposite arm pull back incredible it"s three four five six seven eight nine nine one more time good grab that second dumbbell over this next one we"re gonna make our body flat like the table we"re gonna do a dumbbell chest pressing off sit on the ball slowly walk forward and I want your book up again upper body is flat like a table dribble on the ground now we"re going to do full range motion the whole time squeezing your butt up kicking your butt straight up for five ten six seven eight good nine one more ten excellent walk forward carefully and set the dumbbells down for this national that"s what"s great for your posterior change your form at your buffing your hamstrings we"re going to do a reverse hyper so with our chest on the ball I"m gonna roll out into the ball is in our midsection ideally we"re gonna have a floor on the ground and your toes on top the same time now I"m going to lift your legs up off the ground with your buck keep your legs straight don"t use momentum so wrap slide fling them up but we"re lifting them up with your buck keep your feet shoulder width apart sit together by six seven lot of Bounce required for this one eight two more nine bring them all together and ten good roll back we"re gonna need your dumbbells next one we"re gonna do an incline dumbbell fly so we"re going to use a Swiss ball that"s an incline X go ahead and start seated on it with dumbbells in your lap then walk for letting your buck drop down and now I"m leaning back up against body upper bodies in a 45 degree elbows are bent puppetry and fly one two three good that stretch for doing Phobos five six keep it up seven eight nine ten to eleven twelve good and walking for alright next one we"re gonna do the antagonistic or opposite of that movement we"re going to do a reverse fly this one"s for your back we"re gonna walk more feed her out wide nice wide base elbows are bent again hugging the tree and now we"re going to squeeze the middle of our back two three keep those elbows bent four five six through twelve again seven squeeze know that back eight nine ten eleven one more and it"s low good sit stand on the ground you can set your dumbbells to the south next we"re gonna do one trip to ruler abdominal muscles we"re a lie flat on our back and squeeze the middle of the ball between our feet names hands go under your butt small your back we"re gonna do a lying leg raise with the Swiss ball squeeze together not only great for your lower bound what else you"re gonna five for five nice and controlled for a commotion six don"t bounce the ball around seven ten all together eight nine one more and ten good drop the ball and now we"re going to grab our dumbbells again we"re point sit straight up on wall keeping good posture it"s a combination we"re good after tight house we"re going to curl and Arnold press there"s four different person this palms are up one and then curl your press up and twist your hands to reverse it three four one two three four call that three four five good that"s halfway over going ten six keep that good posture abs tight seven doing excellently keep it up eighty nine last one ten okay good good do it set these to the side okay next one"s a beautiful parts to it I"m gonna show you the part without the ball first which is we"re going to do a plie squat feet are going to be a little wider and truly but we have the balls of your feet now keeping this position here the whole time weight goes back in your butt ball between your legs and then you"re going to slide it up but notice the whole time I"m on the balls of my feet my heels do not touch the ground that"s three four five those calves flex six seven fifteen of these eighty eight down nice and low nine ten though almost there 12:13 214 lat 15 okay good you know one more in the first round we"re a weighted exercise ball crunch sitting on the ball with one dumbbell weight back huh bulls are in good stretch on the way back over the French floor get a stretch stretch in crunchy and track five six from 15 seven eight three nine ten eleven twelve thirteen almost there 14 last one 15 all right good round one complete [Music] okay start round two we have an exercise ball going back into those overhead squats put the ball break the middle your back right between your butt and your lower back your shoulders apart but that first ever time on squats that"s two three keep those arms straight four five good job six we"re going fifteen overall seven eight I see control nine ten five more four three two one last one and zero all right good pace next grab one Demba we"re moving right into single arm dumbbell rows one for our on the ball the bend the knees maybe this one from the side back is straight and flat pull back with real go one two three four five we"re doing ten all together six keep that back straight seven eight bend your knees to nine and ten good switch it up opposite side out ten more let"s go one two three four five six - I"m great seven eight nine and ten alright we need that second jumbo up the next one dumbbell chest press starting sit on the ball with the dumbbells on our knees walking forward poppy dumbbells the hips are up and let"s go up one two full range of motion three four focus on why you"re here five remember what you"re doing this for six seven eight nine one more okay excellent don"t dumbbells need it for the next one one forward at the ball rather than her midsection try to get those forms flat on the ground and if you have trouble with this one if you do have your feet a little wider it"s a little bit easier but this one just takes a little bit of work and strength and balance core strength one two lift up with your butt three four control five flex your glutes over the top six good job seven all the way back down hey nine one more and ten that"s one job that"s going into the incline dumbbell fly so we need our gum those started see it on the ball don"t impose your other left we walk forward drop our book I"m gonna give you this one from the side this time just to make sure you get a good picture when I"m doing one before dropping my hips notice our number upper bodies I"m in fine England doubles event and here we go one two so make sure your upper chest three four five nice full range of motion six that"s halfway seven eight nine ten three two one eleven and twelve excellent remember what comes next is antagonistic movement of this one of the opposite we"re doing that where you first dumbbell flying we give you this one from the side to walking forward Peter nice wide base everybody help you stay stable elbows are bent and here we go along two three four those elbows bent five six seven squeeze move your back eight nine ten almost there eleven last one okay good [Music] dumbull out of your way we"re going to that blind lady great events squeezing the ball in between our ankles hands are under our butt legs are straight hands are under the bus and all the backwards this comfortable and they give you full range of motion all the way up all the way down that"s two without bouncing the ball on the ground three four excellent keep squeezing to five I want to lose that ball six seven good ten on the other hey not only one last one and ten good next okay and you"ve done those again we"re going to it"s straight up on the ball with good posture have the chest is up we"re doing the curl plus Arnold press bring for your biceps and your shoulders nice combination movement that"s three for doing a great job and a great pace keep it up six seven eight we have two more this one nine and last one ten finishes good okay Dumbo spear sides we leave the Swiss ball this one metre wide on the balls of her feet holding here post pointed out here we go between the legs squat down and stand up overhead squat everytime weight back in third but not right over your knees three stay on the balls those feet four five six good job seven eight nine almost there gone ten Big D 11 fight through that burn 12 13 keep sitting back 14 one more spin the bubbles feet and 15 good all right way to Swiss ball crunches woman one dumbbell is next one sit on the ball walk it forward all right elbows are in crunch up stretch back to on this the top four five six seven don"t forget to breathe 8 9 10 11 12 strip squeeze 13 14 and 15 all right and the second round just one more to go [Music] all right hope you"re right third and final round put this ball on the wall feet shoulder width apart hands are up let"s do it 15 squats one to get domination d-3456 full range of motion 7 don"t give me a little half ones those don"t count 8 9 10 try to get your hips parallel to the floor 11 12 13 almost there 14 one more and 15 gives you up okay next well down one dumbbell needed then work it back down to bend those knees one forearm flat on the ball on this rope pull back with your elbow one two to get back flat three forward your home great five six seven eight my face up nine and ten stick with me here stick with me last round let"s go one two three four five six on that gonna elbow seven eight nine and ten good bad in that second Dumbo doing the chest press now seated on the bowl hands are on their left with the dumbbells walk forward pop the bull up back straight flat like a table and let"s dress one two three all the way up all the way on four five well they"re bluffing either six yes Larkin a little extra flavor got this one eight nine nine one more ten good Dumbo"s it down to your side and we are doing the reverse hyper next remember great one for your hamstrings book and over back orange around the ground feeders close together as you can get them and we are going to lift up with your book or your glutes one two both legs together three four stay focused on this one five six and control the way down don"t just let your legs flop down eight nine and ten good job alright moving on today find Dumbo fly grab the bolt dumbbells starting seated on the ball Dumbo"s run we walk forward we drop our hips we lean back elbows are family for honking a big redwood tree and we stretch and squeeze one two three I"m so proud of it you"re hanging in there with me for almost in the end five six keep it up seven eight nine and ten good well I"m sorry but you told these my apologies we too are eleven twelve okay there we go I probably didn"t do that on purpose okay that"s it enough reverse fly on our stomach and taking this movement have your tight legs aligned for good base and one two three squeeze know that back for five six seven almost here eight nine three more two more one and zero excellent work okay next demo this next one right flat on the back side line leg raise with the ball squeeze in between our feet break the middle the ball hands under buck heads back nice full range of motion one two three feel it working in your lower abdominals four five six keep it up seven keep squeezing eight nine one more and all right excellent work moving on me both down those I"m going to sit straight up on the ball last set of the curl plus I"m impressed real good posture on this one abs are tight Peter shoulder width palms are up for the girl let"s do it one two you guys are doing great or so folks come on three boy think how good you"re gonna feel when this is all over five halfway six seven eight only two more come on push the pace nine last one antenna okay good do it do it now I"m going to the side okay we"re into the last end of the plie squat plus ball swing on the balls of the feet toes are pointed out I"m gonna keep it here nobody"ll contact the whole time ready let"s go won"t sit down stand up to butt back three four come on five six keep that balance seven although we"re dead Hey nine ten we"re gonna have been almost there 12 only three more for me come on only two more for me let"s go all right that"s my high school national excellent good okay we have 15 waited brunches and you are successfully done with this workout all right one number doubles then let"s stretch that let"s crunch forward that"s more to X amount of downforce we have 12 more left 10 breathe not stretch squeezeit stretch three seven mama six deke five four three two one and zero excellent work [Music] way to push right down to the end you successfully have improved your condition strength flexibility and stability in just one workout if you liked this workout make sure you check out a Spitz website for hundreds of additional free workouts our free meal plans to lose or gain weight are complete 30 to 90 day fitness programs and while you"re at it please subscribe to this YouTube channel and like us on our Facebook fan page for the best give you motivation and if you feel Davinia please take a moment out pick something over there score a t-shirt or bolster anything to give you that edge help you stay motivated and on track I"m postcodes Akron Aspen and I"ll see you at your next workout 


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