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2 MORE Reasons Your Biceps Couldn't Grow! | TRY THIS INSTEAD!

hey what's going on guys
you know scrolling this in my older
videos the other day and I saw that my
video titled two reasons why your biceps
won't grow head over 6 million views so
I thought it would be fun to do another
video so today is going to be two more
reasons why your biceps won't grow but
this video is going to be a little
different what I'm actually going to do
in this video is dispel two myths of
bicep exercises that a lot of people are
doing but these exercises aren't really
helping you with your gains and not only
going to dispel those myths but also
give you ultimate exercises so that you
can continue to make gains with your
biceps workout so the first myth is that
you guys have to stop twisting the
dumbbells during dumbbell curls and I'll
explain to you what I mean a dumbbell
curl is supposed to look like this
all the way up all the way down palms
facing forward the entire time and what
you see a lot of people do is they have
their palms facing in like this and then
they come up and then twist and then
come back down and this is how they
perform their sets and you might be
thinking to yourself well I see a lot of
people do that in my gym and I was told
by this big guy in my gym that that's
how I should do my dumbbell curls and
that's fine I'm glad these people are
doing it and that's what people are
telling you but they're wrong and I'll
explain to you why if you understand how
the biceps actually function it would be
very easy for you to see why it's wrong
so part of the function of your biceps
is to actually turn your hand out like
this and if you guys stand up right now
get out of your seat without even
holding a dumbbell turn your hand out
you're going to feel your biceps
activate so in this position my biceps
are already activated before I even
started the movement now once you're in
this position and you come up and curl
you're keeping that tension on your
biceps throughout the entire range of
motion and then when you go back down
you're still keeping that tension on the
biceps so we're getting a much more
efficient bicep workout now the oh now
you guys might be thinking well isn't in
a bicep
eyes to go like this called a hammer
curl and the answer is yes and to
perform a hammer crow guys same thing
palm facing in and you come up like this
and then go back down but this exercise
isn't primarily targeting your the heads
of your bicep it's targeting the
brachialis which is this muscle right in
between your bicep and tricep and I know
the next thing that's going to be asked
as well isn't combining them better cuz
you got to get more games and you know
my answer to you is this isn't a
Doublemint commercial where you dub with
a pleasure and double the fun what
you're doing is you're actually cutting
the benefits in half of both exercises
so if you're starting here and coming up
like this you're working that bratty
Alice a quarter of the motion then when
you turn and go to the top you're
working your biceps a quarter of the
motion or half the motion and then you
come back down and do the same thing so
all you're really doing is you're
cutting your chances in half of really
developing that brachialis and really
developing your biceps so instead of
wasting time in doing this and by the
way the number one reason why lots of
people do this is because it's way
easier you will always curl more wait
for more reps doing this than you ever
will doing it like that why because this
is way higher on the biceps than doing
this way so what I want you guys to do
on your next workout if you're so
worried about hitting that rocky Alice
as well do a superset okay grab a pair
of dumbbells and do a standard dumbbell
curl for eight to ten repetitions and
then as soon as you're done put those
dumbbells down grab another pair if you
need to and then do your hammer curls
okay just superset the exercise that
will you maximize the benefits of both
movements to build your arms as big as
possible so that's myth number one now
myth number two I know I'm going to get
all a craft or in the comments section
below but that's okay it's why I make
these videos and myth number two is that
twenty ones are not for biceps
twenty ones or a root
really invented to train your shoulders
with an ultimate superset because why
guys it's really easy to figure out
twenty-one divided by seven is three
there's three deltoids that you want to
train in a shoulder workout so 21s the
original intention was to do seven reps
lateral raises seven reps front raises
and then seven reps rear raises to hit
all three heads of the deltoid in one
workout and now we've talked about this
many many many many times and I'll admit
guys I used to do twenty ones when I was
younger but that's the whole thing of
growing up and learning new things that
you realize that you might have been
wasting time doing exercises because you
were taught wrong and that's okay we're
here to fix that so let's look at 21214
biceps is doing a quarter rep at the
bottom seven times then starting halfway
and do and a half rep at the top seven
times and then as soon as you're done
going all the way up and all the way
down seven times and you'll notice a few
different things during that movement
number one my hand placement never
changes I'm always in this neutral grip
throughout the movement and number two
and we've talked about this there is no
reason to do a half rep it's a waste of
you're not maximizing the benefits of
the exercise and you're not training
your biceps through full range of motion
you're reducing the eccentric portion of
the movement and that's where you break
down the most muscle tissue for regrowth
so you're really just wasting your time
on those first two sets of seven until
you get to a full range of motion part
of the movement so I want you guys to
take 21s for biceps toss them in the
trash and I want you to do an exercise
of my own design called mercy 30s and
the way where C thirties work is you're
going to start off with a wide grip and
you're going to do ten repetitions all
the way up and all the way down now
because we have a wide grip we're going
to place more focus on the inner bicep
head throughout those ten repetitions as
soon as you finish the
you're going to grab the inside grip and
when you grab the inside grip you place
more emphasis on the outer head of the
bicep and you're going to do ten
repetitions all the way up and all the
way down and then as soon as you finish
those ten you're going to grab a neutral
grip so we're going to target both heads
equally this time and you're going to go
all the way up and all the way down for
ten repetitions and I guarantee you guys
by the time you finish my mercy 30s it's
going to be a whole new world compared
to those crappy 21s and you're going to
absolutely love it so those are my two
bicep myths I want to dispel for you
guys today if you missed my original
video on two reasons why your biceps
stopped growing
I'll post that link down the info
section below be sure to hit that like
and subscribe button and as always more
good stuff coming soon
see you guys

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7 thoughts on “2 MORE Reasons Your Biceps Won’t Grow! | TRY THIS INSTEAD!”

  1. In total, I will't designate your mercy 30s all of the style by. I staunch get too fatigued by the time of the just grip stream. I get rid of overestimating the weight I must always be in a location to take care of for that. Absolute killer. Experiencing some progress in my fingers because of you.

  2. Why is it every one appears to be like to perceive the fully technique to coach ive been practising cherish this 50 years and folk forward of me nothing fresh dude

  3. Nearly at 2 million subscribers bro. I've been following you since I started my successfully being rush about three years previously and that it’s most likely you’ll beget got continuously been my gallop to offer. I and all of the other hermanites cherish all of the tall express material!

  4. dayum scott.. ur my inspiration man…..i primarily teach all ur techiniques that u level out in the vids…and they also’re ABSOLUTELY good and honest. thanks a ton!!!

  5. Soooo, is every of the ten reps of the mercy 30s idea of a place and then you definately leisure for a minute or Ninety seconds in between them?OR is completing all of the mercy 30s idea of a place and then you definately leisure and launch all over but again… for how many fashions of 30?OR pause you staunch pause the mersey 30 straight by and you're completed?

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