10 Minute Kettlebell Workout – House Workout with Weights

⭐️ 10 MINUTE KETTLEBELL WORKOUT - HOME WORKOUT WITH WEIGHTS ⭐️ This 10 minute kettlebell workout is a sizable methodology to catch a total body workout while getting your heart price up! This dwelling workout with weights works your legs, arms and core and could well per chance plod away you feeling strong and sweaty! Must you make not have a kettlebell at dwelling it"s doubtless you"ll well replace hand weights. That is one among Jessica"s favorites and after doing this 10 minute kettlebell workout you are going to sight why!  

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hi thanks for joining me today we are doing a workout that I have so many requests for and it is one that I personally do a couple times a week variations of this and it"s using a kettlebell so you can use a hand weight if you don"t have a kettlebell you"ll want if you"re a beginner or brand new to this then try it either with no weight or with five pounds if you"re kind of intermediate I would go eight to ten pounds and if you"re super advanced just meaning that you have used weights a lot in your workouts then you can do 15 which is what I"m using but when I started this I was definitely 10 and lower I"ve just worked up to this okay so we"ll get started take breaks as you need to it"s super fun and definitely not challenge your body in a new way so let"s have your legs a little wider than shoulder distance apart slightly turned out case we"re going for our squat press position here and then either weight or kettlebell in your hands are going to come down into a squat and then press up and your hands come up sue inhale down and exhale up so I"ll do it from the side so you can see I"m sitting my tail back behind me so my knees stay fairly stationary and only go down as far as you"re comfortable so for me what I"ve worked on is getting my elbows to touch my knees but again that"s been a couple years of some work to do that you might not go down that far okay inhale exhale make sure you"re pressing through the heels as you come up and if it"s too much to do the press overhead then you would just stay right here okay you don"t have to do the press or as you get tired take the press out say I"m already breathing hard it"s a great great workout okay last one and bring it back down we"re going to take the weight into the right hand and step the right foot back we"re gonna do lunges so I want a wide stance inhale down exhale up I don"t tap my knee down to the ground it never feels good when I do it so I don"t again just as far down as you"re comfortable about me so we"re gonna do almost like a flow right if I was doing Pilates or yoga I call it a flow but we"re going to do it with the weight here so like I said take a break as you need to I might scoot back a little to make sure there"s room 3 2 1 switch hands with the weight down into a lunge come up knee comes up so you"re gonna drive your knee up down drive and drive so you still want to step back foot back pretty far make sure you have that wide stance standing up nice and tall three two last one up nice job take the weight into the other hand again right foot back so this is single leg deadlift so you"re gonna hinge forward the weight touches the ground come up the knee comes up I promised you this is a challenging workout take it back pick up the weight and then lift so if this is new to you you can take a few and just watch my patterning the left knee stays straight I do not have it locked but I do have it straight you"re alternating setting the weight down and then picking it back up and if that"s too much like let"s say your left hamstring is really tight then put a step or something in front of you or a box and put your weight down on that then you don"t have to lift it from the floor so hopefully that makes sense but that will help and you"re trying to keep your back completely flat okay no rounding of the back you can almost think about keeping your eyes up when you do it which is gonna help last one and that I"ve always tried to catch my balance okay now stay here with the weight bend the left knee set the weight down left knee straightens left knee bends grab the weight straight so you can kind of see what I"m doing here mini squats if your left knee or sorry not your me know anything if your left leg is burning you"re probably doing this ready and you"ll see I keep kind of losing my mouse but I just come back to it is there a last one I get up there right foot crosses behind you for Krissy lunch this is the last part of this series and four three two one nice job come up bring the weight up overhead tricep press bend straighten bend straighten so you"re just trying to keep belly in basically I just say that because I want you to focus on your posture I want you to be really conscious of every part of your body and that you are purposefully controlling it okay last three and this is where you might want to have a lighter weight you might be stronger in your legs weaker in your arms that"s really normal and then rest so if you need to have some various weights go for it all right except the way down before we do the other side hands behind your head so I"m going to show you the modified version of this first tank you"re gonna bring your knee up your right knee turn to that side bring it down left knee turn down alright so this is where you"re gonna start and if this feels fine for you squat all the way down come up twist all the way to twist I"m laughing because I know how it felt the first time I saw this I laughed and then I turn it then I realized you know that"s pretty good way to get cardio and if you guys know me I don"t do a lot of jumping because of my prolapse so the jumping comes and goes for me but this is a nice way to do it and it gives a lot of mobility in the hips actually last one nice job arms come down we have another side all right wait he comes up so we"re gonna have the right foot forward left foot back and the weight is in your left hand ready big stance toes facing forward so this is where not easy but I kind of can usually catch my breath my heart rate comes down a little bit it"s nice to throw me in those bursts of that heart rate spike kind of like that high-intensity interval training and I found this kind of workout has helped me a lot to be stronger in other areas it"s really interesting it"s up with my balance last one come up we"re going to switch hands with the weight down into your lunge and you"re gonna drive drive that knee up so if you need to have a chair close or a wall close go ahead just don"t rely on it but if it makes you feel a little better to start to practice that balance like that go right ahead the rate and I"m not necessarily counting here when I do them on my own sometimes I will and I do anywhere from 8 to 12 reps of each of these ok so switch hands again we have single leg deadlift let us go back slightly so you"re gonna hinge forward you"ll see when I get here I should have a straight line from my head to my back leg and then leave it as you come up drive the knee up knee comes back as you hinge forward and grab the weight and then come back up in the foot texting so hinge over lift indirect hinge over again grab the wings where you really have to support and stabilize yourself to get back up deadlifts are one of the best exercises for the entire back line of the body meaning from p.m. strength up their glutes back extensors and then adding the weight you"re gonna get some shoulder stability too now I"m making you do these I"ll tell you this is a great workout for your core ok I"m not a fan of doing crunches all day long I like my Pilates work but I"m not going to sit and do 100 crunches and I don"t think anyone needs to they are not the best way to work your core something functional like this especially you can"t do crunches for any reason you can be assured that this can workout is going to help okay you provide and plenty of those so come now let the weight down now you"re going to stand back up we"re gonna come back down grab the weight and this is where we"re gonna bend and straighten sorry I got so excited Tommy then the weight comes down straighten Bend again stand up with the wind okay I just do four of these because my letting is usually burn out these are hard for me yeah the last one that"s for gonna come up the left foot steps behind and across I"m laughing because I had that bead of sweat running down my chest ring okay you do too I usually get it like down my arm to my elbow and then right there my brother  that bead of sweat telling me I"m working three two one oh yeah that leg was harder for me alright wait up overhead tricep press we bend and straighten and if it"s a little hard for balance to have your feet here just stagger them one behind and one in front sometimes it"s easier three two one come down set the weight down we"re gonna do another set of our crosses okay so you remember whatever version you were doing or if you need to modify because you"re getting tired we use doing so when you"re ready down twist I just want you to think about staying tall when you twist you"ll notice I"m not doing this I"m not rounding to touch that me I"m staying upright if my knee comes up great but I"m not rounding forward to make it happen or at least I"m not meaning to if I"m doing it you"re gonna feel your legs tomorrow you"ll either love me or hate me yes thirty and do you love me everyone and rest [Music] 


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  1. My rating: A+++. Here’s such an infinite video, Jessica. The order routine is so efficient, packing an efficient chubby physique workout into 10 minutes. I luxuriate in how you work every leg with out giving it a leisure, piquant from one order to the diversified so easily. I will explore you developed this over time for you consequently of you are going to be in a blueprint to't toddle. I developed a identical routine however nothing which has all this in it. Here’s my 2nd approved of your movies after that awesome one for knee distress. I'll combine them. Thanks for sharing this with us. Bravo. 😀

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