1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS: Who Is Jeremy Ethier?

We lastly did it everyone. We’ve hit 1 million subscribers and I’m honestly favorable so grateful and if truth be told humbled at how like a flash we’ve been ready to hit this milestone. Now change you out there are very long time subscribers who’ve been following me since some of my first movies and change you are barely recent to the channel. Nonetheless I’ve never if truth be told shared unprecedented about me individually and how the whole lot has resulted in where it’s at as we teach time. So I notion in honour of hitting this favorable milestone I’d attain one thing a piece extra non-public and part with you about my epic and who precisely Jeremy Ethier is.


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[Music].  we finally did it everyone we"ve hit 1.  million subscribers and I"m honestly.  just so grateful and truly humbled as to.  how fast we"ve been able to hit this.  milestone now many of you out there are.  a longtime subscribers who"ve been.  following me since some of my first.  videos and many of you are also.  relatively new to the channel.  but regardless I"ve never really shared.  much about me personally and how.  everything kind of led to words out.  today so I thought that in honor of.  hitting this amazing milestone I"d do.  something a little bit more personal and.  share with you more about my story and.  who exactly Jeremy at t is so first off.  since I get this asked all the time I"m.  half french-canadian and I"m half.  Filipino and I currently live in.  Vancouver Canada when my dad is actually.  french-canadian and he"s from Sudbury.  Ontario and my mom is Filipino and she"s.  from the vows and like most people in.  this industry I was always heavily.  involved in sports growing up and I.  quickly developed a passion for fitness.  my dad was actually the one who first.  brought me to the gym when I think I was.  around 14 or 15 years old but growing up.  and at this time I was extremely skinny.  and I had a very hard time at in size.  which I was always really insecure about.  but over the next couple years of.  working out I actually did start to make.  pretty decent progress but let me tell.  you at the same time I made every single.  mistake in the book and pretty much.  everything I did was heavily guided by.  bro science which I didn"t even realize.  was detrimental until later on and I.  truly think that it was this experience.  and just knowing that I could have saved.  so much more time prevented injuries and.  imbalances and just be faster progress.  back then and I followed a better.  approach which is what now drives my.  passion for science and just helping.  others weed out the BS that this.  industry is honestly just full of.  because the last thing I want is you.  guys out there for you.  worked it out making the same mistakes I.  did when they"re fully preventable.  anyways I chugged along and does a lot.  of research on my own and I eventually.  got my NASM personal training.  certification at 18 along with a few.  other various certifications and I.  worked as a trainer at biggest gyms.  after this for a while and then.  eventually moved on to privately trained.  class on my own and during this time I.  was also studying kinesiology University.  which I actually really enjoyed and is.  where my passion for training and.  coaching kind of took off it"s also.  where I learned a lot about.  rehabilitation mechanics my learn from.  experienced coaches in the industry and.  basically just learned all about the.  current research behind training and.  nutrition I eventually graduated with my.  bachelor"s degree and I continued to.  work as a kinesiologist for a little.  while after that as for where YouTube.  comes into the picture most of you.  probably don"t know this but I"ve been.  putting out content way before I even.  started this channel back in around 2014.  when I was studying and working as a.  trainers when I first started to put on.  content online and I initially just.  started putting out workouts and recipe.  videos on Instagram which believe it or.  not I actually built to a decent size.  following despite the piss-poor.  production value and same monotone voice.  but during this time I also started a.  couple fitness blogs and I did a lot of.  content writing for big Fitness brands.  like elite FTS box rocks and so on you.  can actually still read some of these.  articles as they"re still up on the.  sites and then there finally came.  YouTube where I initially experimented.  with one or two channels and posted a.  ton of quite embarrassing videos my name.  is Jeremy I"m a personal trainer and.  kinesiologist what"s up guys before.  I finally found my groove with this.  current channel where things eventually.  just took off to where it is today and.  looking back now at all my old content.  is all admit it"s it"s very embarrassing.  but it just reminds me of the passion I.  had.  ever since the beginning for.  science-based Fitness explaining the.  whys behind everything I advocate and.  just providing as much free value as.  possible to help you the viewer so the.  thing that this is all led to me now.  making this video in honor of reaching 1.  million subscribers is it"s just a truly.  humbling experience to me and I owe it.  all to you guys I mean don"t get me.  wrong there"s been a lot of ups and.  downs and stress along the way that I.  don"t really talk about a share but just.  know that it"s your positivity and.  seeing that I truly am impacting lives.  through the countless transformations.  I"ve received from those following my.  content or my build with SAS programs.  that makes everything worth it for me.  and just motivates me to keep on pushing.  and keep doing this and just keep.  getting better and better at what I do I.  mean I"ll be the first to admit that I"m.  not the biggest I am NOT the leanest I.  am NOT the smartest and let"s face it we.  all know I"m not the most entertaining.  guy out there but what I am and always.  will be is 100% dedicated to providing.  you as much value as possible with each.  and every piece of content I put out the.  fact that 1 million of you have shown.  your appreciation for that by hitting.  that subscribe button.  it truly it truly does mean the world to.  me so here is a huge and sincere thank.  you to each and every one of you free.  support along the way 1 million really.  is just the beginning but before I end.  this video one thing you can do to help.  me out and continue driving this channel.  forward is just comment below what.  topics or video series you think a lot.  of you would like to see covered.  applying about my concept for the next a.  little while so I just love to hear some.  of your ideas anyways that is it for.  today thank you all so much once again I.  kind of express my gratitude towards all.  your support and I see you next time.  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