6 Superfoods Worth Trying

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1. Hemp Seeds

best superfoods


If you’re thinking this Superfood will get you higher than a Jay bird, think again. It is true that hemp and marijuana are closely related, however, the amount of THC in hemp is practically nonexistent. The ban on Hemp seed by the DEA in 2004, due to trace THC content was overruled, and hemp can in no be considered a drug. What this nutrition packed seeds really are one of the best superfoods. In only two tablespoons you will get 400 milligrams of anti-inflammatory gamma-linolenic acid and 2 grams of omega-3 fats, along with nine essential amino acids, all these elements can help someone push through the burn in workouts and recover faster.


2. Sauerkraut

best superfoods
The cabbage, this lowly vegetable is often ignored when we talk about super foods. Most people believe superfoods have to be from far off and be unpronounceable. Well here is a superfood that is packed with high fiber, is low carb, and has cancer-fighting indole carbinols and d-glucarate, a compound that clears away excess estrogen. You can’t get much more of a Superfood than that! And if that wasn’t enough, when you also ferment cabbage, you are giving this Superfood extra health giving muscle.  The probiotics that assist fermentation also go a long way to repopulate your digestive system with good bacteria which in turn lowers inflammation, improves digestion, and could also help with weight loss. The fermentation process also allows for all those wonderful antioxidants found in cabbage to made more available to your body, and the more time the cabbage ferments, the higher the antioxidants become

3. Seaweed

best superfoods


Most people have encountered seaweed, maybe around a sushi roll, and probably didn’t give it a second thought. But did you know nori is loaded with – iodine?  This mineral is crucial for the healthy function of the thyroid. Back in 1924 iodized was put into salt to prevent goiter, since then the emphasis on low-sodium diets and the rise of people buying sea salt, which tends not to have a great deal of iodine, has seen more and more people suffering from Thyroid issues. Iodine isn’t all sea vegetables contain. Within Nori, there are also high levels of Iron, vitamin K and micronutrients which are important for  the healthy functioning of cells. The next time you go to your local supermarket have a look for nori pieces and get them for sprinkling on top of soups and salads. This will also give that salty kick that people look for in table salt.


4. Shirataki Noodles

best superfoods


Love pasta but hate what it does to your waistline? In which case, you now can have your noodles and eat it. At only 20 calories and 5 carbs (and less in some brands!) per serving Shirataki Noodles are a dieters (and non-dieters)  dream food. Shirataki noodles come from the konjac plant, the exact same plant that we get the fiber and the appetite reducing glucomannan from. So basically, these noodles will keep you full long after you’ve eaten them. They are pretty bland tasting, which can be a good thing since they can soak up anything you choose to put on top of them. They also come as angle pasta shape,  fettuccine, penne and other pasta shaped delights, so use them as a replacement in pasta recipes. To cook, remove them from the bag, rinse thoroughly, and heat they will be ready to be infused  into that stroganoff, primavera, or whatever you may have on the menu that day. 


best superfoods

The sports community has been behind the benefits of beets after a study showed that this vegetable can improve performance and lower the amount of oxygen needed to complete a cardio session. Beets contain nitrates, which in turn helps with the production of nitric oxide, a element that makes blood vessels dilate, facilitating more oxygen and blood to flow to your muscles. Have them raw, cooked, or juiced.


6. Asparagus

best superfoods

If you want strong bones, vitamin K is pretty important, it is also crucial for blood clotting while B vitamins allows for energy metabolism; both of these vitamins can be found in asparagus. Not only does asparagus have a measly three calories,  in a study by the Journal of Food Science it was found that asparagus can also speed the exit of alcohol in the body. So bear this Superfood in mind the next time you’ve had a few too many cocktails, or better yet serve them at a dinner party wrapped in prosciutto for tasty, low-carb, high-protein finger food that will help reduce the chances of your guests suffering from hangovers.


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