10 Guilt Free Snacks for weight loss

snacks for weight loss

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10 Healthy snacks for weight loss 

The best way to derail a diet is to mosey on down to the snack bar. One chocolate turns to two and before you know it your daily calories count is blown through the roof. So the question is; to snack or not to snack? I would say it depends. Are there some foods that send you on a feeding frenzy, no matter how healthy your choices tend to be? If so, these are triggers you need to stay away from.

However, there is something to be said for keeping healthy snacks around….

For a start it stops you from reaching for those junkier options and they also keep you focused on healthy weight loss, instead of the crash and burn type diets. If so, put any snacks you have somewhere out of arms reach that way you physically have to get up whenever you want them. Here are some the best snacks for weight loss. Healthy and tasty enough to keep the munchies away. 


1. Moorish Spicy Chickpeas


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When it comes to weight loss snacks, chickpeas are up there. A great alternative to potato chips with there moorish salty crunch combo. Also chickpeas have been found to help curb the desire to eat processed snacks. Get more info about this spicy baked chickpea recipe.



2. Fruit and nut bars 


snacks for weight loss

The fact that this has a built in portion control means that you know when enough is enough. This can be pretty helpful for those people who can never just have one handful of nuts. Just make sure the brand has  “clean” ingredient lists and no additional nasties you wouldn’t put in yourself. Here is a healthy and tasty fruit and nut bar recipe made with apricots and walnuts. Yum!


3. Bring on the Guacamole


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This is a a filling, creamy and nutritious weight loss snack. But if you’ve ever bought store made guacamole then you’ll notice it’s lacking one major ingredient: avocados! The good stuff, the proper Guacamole should be what it says it is: real food, with no artificial colors, added oils and starches. Avocados are jammed with healthy monounsaturated fats that contain oleic acid, these can crush those hunger pangs. This means this snack packs a double whammy, gives you a satisfying snack and stops you from nibbling later!  Find this luscious guacamole recipe here


4. Homemade Greek Yogurt


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Greek yogurt is great at giving calcium for your bones and more protein than regular yogurt. And sometimes you just want something creamy, thick and delicious which Greek Yogurt is and then some. Greek can be expensive. Make your own with just some regular plain yogurt and a piece of cheesecloth. Really easy, and really satisfying. Recipe here.



6. Cucumber chips


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This is the kind of diet snack that just makes you feel like your not on a diet. Cucumbers are far more versatile than we think, so instead of just chopping them up in salads, try them this way.

Slice the cucumber and place in a baking dish, add salt, pepper, olive oil and some Parmesan cheese (or leave out if you prefer). You can read more about this recipe Here.


7. Greek yogurt breakfast bark


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Yes I know it says breakfast, but let’s be honest when it looks and taste this good, who just wants to leave it for breakfast? Jam packed with blue berries and strawberries for vitamin C and vital antioxidants, you can find the recipe for greek yoghurt bark here


8.Vegetable-Miso Soup with Chickpeas


Breakfast Vegetable-Miso Soup with Chickpeas

This healthy snack is one for when you need something filling but not so much that it ruins your appetite later on. Incredibly warming and full of fiber and vitamins. Miso also contains beneficial bacteria and zybiocolin, that help remove free radicals in the body.

Recipe here.



9. Apple Energy balls


snacks for weight loss

This is a healthy weight loss snack with a major twist. These pack a flavor punch along with balancing blood sugars. These Apple Energy Balls can be made in less than 10 minutes and last for months when they are freezed. Paelo, vegan and gluten free, get the recipe here



10. Sea Salt And Vinegar Beet Chips

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You can just imagine the vingegary delicious savoriness that this healthy snack brings. Beets are great for detoxing liver, increasing blood flow and decreasing blood pressure. A perfect alternative alternative to potato chips . Get the recipe here



So these are some of the best snacks for weight loss, true weapons in keeping you on track. Snacking need not be something you avoid completely, as the best way to stay on track is having a little of what you fancy, with the extra bonus of health!



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