Dual USB Mini Car Air Purifier with Negative Ion Ionizer

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Dual USB Mini Car Air Purifier with Negative Ion Ionizer

Dual USB Mini Car Air Purifier with Negative Ion Ionizer


  • FreshAir Car Air Ionizer/Car Air purifier generates massive amount of negative ions. Negative ions absorb smokedustbacteria and other harmful particles that are floating in the air and consolidates them together to form groups of particles.
  • These groups of particles then become dense and heavy enough to subside naturally to the ground, rather than staying in suspension to be breathed into our lungs.
  • Unlike artificial scent car air freshener that does nothing to cleanse air, FreshAir uses modern ionization techniques to purify air.


Air Volume: 50m³/h
Power (W): 5w
Voltage (V): DC12V
Function: Sterilize
Type: Negative Ion
Certification: CE
Anion Density: 3500000pcs/m³
Power Source: Vehicle Power Supply
Capacity (CFM): ozone > 0.02ppm
Application area: <10㎡
Style: Air Purifier
Noise: ≤35dB
Benzene Removal Rate: 99.00%
Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 99.00%
Oxygen Supply: Below 1L/min

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