How To Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water

how to stay hydrated without water

How To Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water

Do you like water? Come on, answer honestly I won’t judge. The reason I ask is that there are a great deal of people who are not exactly enamored with the old H20. Well, for all of those people I’m going to reveal how to stay hydrated without drinking water, that can’t be a bad thing – right?

Staying hydrated without water doesn’t necessarily mean a dramatic increase in calories. There are alternatives such as the lemon water drink, which you can here, this does wonders for keeping your kidneys clean and healthy. It is also a great way to dtox the body, particularly if it is taken first thing in the morning. If the tartness of the lemons is an issue, consider adding a little stevia to sweeten.


Ways To Stay Hydrated Other Than Water

Other ways to stay hydrated whether at work, or working out, or any time when you need to get some much needed liquid into your body include:

  • Smoothies
  • Juicing (just try and keep the greens up and the fruits down to save on calories)
  • Fruit infused water, like the ones you can make with this clever gadget

All these are relatively easy to prepare and are great alternatives to water, particularly when you need something more substantial say, after a cardio session.


How To Stay Hydrated Without Water – And Gain (In A Good Way)!

Another reason to replace water every so often, is when it comes to boosting your vitamin and mineral intake. Any diet worth it’s salt should not leave you depleted of any vital nutrients. It is these nutrients such as vitamin C, Vitamin E and D, to name but a few, that are so important in the functioning of  organs. Vitamins and minerals, like the ones named prior, are key to having healthier skin, hair and nails. Cliche as it sounds, beauty really does start from within.

This is succinctly explained by Goldmind, a hair and beauty guru, who through her own health journey found ways to hydrate without reaching for the water every time. In the video below she gives some great tips and advise for all those water haters  out there (I see you) and even those of us who like water, but could do with a change once in a while. Best of all, the drink that Goldmind makes will help to get your hair and nails strong and growing healthy.


You can find the fab Goldminds channel here


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