Foods To Increase Muscle Mass – The Definitive Guide


When it comes to exercise plans, most of us are looking to improve our health and (lets be real here) look good too. The best way to keep a fit and attractive body, that also burns calories efficiently is to keep muscle mass. However, how to eat to increase muscle mass is not always apparent


What to Eat to Increase Muscle MassThe bricks that make up the muscle, to put it simply, are proteins. Therefore, if you are looking to build more muscle you need to look at foods that have a high protein content, but also deliver other important nutrients. Let’s look at a list of foods that will help in this.




What to Eat to Increase Muscle Mass

  • EggsEggs . These are the best idea for breakfast if we want to eat well and lose weight. The high protein content of eggs make them key to building muscle, since each egg provides about 7 grams of high-quality protein. Along with this they have an important amount of vitamins, Calcium, Iron and Zinc.


  • Chicken . The chicken breast provides lots of protein and very little fat. The other advantage is the simplicity of its preparation
  • Beef cattle fed naturally. Unlike artificially fed cattle, the vitamin intake of this meat is very important, and these vitamins are passed along in its meat
  • The pineapple has a very interesting contribution. It’s not high in proteins, but contains enzymes necessary for digestion. It’s advisable to consume it after the workout, since it reduces the inflammation of the muscle, so your be ready to work out again in less time.
  • spinachSpinach . Just think of this veg and his huge and arm muscles sping to mind. But the cartoon was closer to reality than fiction. A study done by the University of Rutgers was published in 2008 based on spinach growing muscles.

They found that if the correct amounts are consumed, muscle volume can be increased by up to 20%. Of course, the correct amount would be something like a kilo of cooked spinach a day. But minor consumption and exercise still give good results.

  • Lentils and chickpeas are excellent sources of vegetable protein. For those who do not consume meat, this option is ideal
  • Cottage cheese . A single cup provides 28 grams of protein, something that speaks for itself. This is another good option for those who follow a vegetarian diet with eggs and dairy.



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